Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Call for Submissions - Ends April 6, 2012

n. The online literary magazine at NMSU
n. A loud noise, a commotion
n. Confused clamor or uproar
v. To assail with loud, continued noise; to impress by persistent repetition

n. Din's 2012 theme.
n. the act of distorting
n. a lack of proportionality in an image resulting from defects in the optical system
n. a falsified reproduction of an audio or video signal caused by change in the wave form of the original signal

Distortion of perception is aural, visual, and sensual. It is fun house mirrors and rumor mills. It is a manipulation of noise. It is a mash-up of surrealism, dreams, truth, and memories. Distortion is an altered and altering. Language, stereotypes, body image, and social boundaries are distorted: airbrushed fantasies on magazine covers, virtual identities and avatars, political misrepresentations, and partial truths in the media. Distortion is artificial and organic. It is a cloned image that contorts reality.

Din, NMSU’s online literary magazine, is now accepting submissions. Submissions are open to anyone and may take any number of formats from alphabetic text to music, video, and photos. Publishing is restricted to the capabilities of the editorial section and its criteria. The mission of this journal is to give an opportunity and space for groundbreaking, radical, and dynamic artists to showcase their talents.

Response time to submissions is within 30 days of the final submission deadline of April 6, 2012.

We will accept multiple submissions from authors and encourage artists to submit in multiple genres. Modes included are visual art, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, criticism, and multimedia. Maximum submission lengths are 5 pages/5 poems, 4,000-5,000 words for prose and criticism and links to multimedia works (preferably 10 min. or less).

Submissions will be read blind, meaning that the author's name will not be visible to selection editors. All pieces should be previously unpublished.

The editors reserve the right to request changes to the author to fit with editorial needs.

Submissions will be accepted Feb. 3 through April 6, 2012. Submissions should be sent to